Monday, August 24, 2009

The Pointer Project

A lot of time was given towards picking a name for this ol' intimate blog of mine. I mean, at least an 30 minutes or so. After reading a list to Price, he liked this one the most. And because I HATE making decisions, I went with his fav. I liked it too, because it stood alone, unlike the others - Pointer Press, Pointer Publication, Pointer Dirt.

Things that I think of when it comes to 'projects':
  1. fun, new, exciting (at least for about 30 minutes or so)
  2. unfinished
  3. we are truly a 'work in progress"
  4. our family is ever changing and growing, if not in numbers, in spirit (but hopefully numbers too :)

So it seems that the name is fitting! And I'm looking forward to sharing more of me and the family with you!

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