Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy and crazy, or crazy busy

Today was kinda crazy. And I think I officially have attention deficit disorder. I start something, see something shiny and get distracted. I can't finish anything I start - the dishes, an email, crafts for sure. Please someone tell me they are the same way.

Today started with getting Presley to school. She ate a granola bar on the way, and we slide into car pool about 7:56, she was running in about 7:59:36. Somehow we dodged a tardy.

Next up getting Teagan ready for her school. Today was pumpkin patch day and wear your costume. Something fun at school usually means an easy morning. But with Teag, if you anticipate one thing, you'll usually get the opposite. She wasn't feeling costume day. I wrangled her in her costume after I quickly showered and got ready while Price fed Temple breakfast.

We slide up to pre K about 9:15, thank goodness there's no tardies there. Got Teagan to her class. I had ten minutes to run and grab some coffee before the Halloween classroom party started.

The party went off without a hitch and Temple played like such a big girl! (I need to set up the playroom where I'm not scared of her to go in it. Therefore remove all the choking hazards.) Then we went out to pick a pumpkin and the kids all posed for the obligatory class and hay bell photo.

Temp fell asleep on the way home and transferred nicely to my bed. Her bed is in the girls room now which George was busy retexturing. (Last room to prep, three need to be painted, I just need to hurry and pick some paint colors. But that would require too much thought and action and decision making on my part. A.D.D. I tell ya!) I was able to check a few things off on my to do list while I checked on Temp every five minutes. The girl has no depth perception and will plunge head first off the bed if you aren't watching. My other two knew better from early ages I guess? Because they took naps on my bed every nap! Except when I would strap Teagan into her infant carrier to go to sleep!

Anywho! Presley had a follow up eye exam today, so I had to go gather everyone back up early and haul major A to Plano. Price was able to go to for an extra set of hands. Made it there only a few minutes late. The follow up exam went great. With her glasses she's back seeing 20/20 in both eyes. So that means no patching. Before they weren't equal, so they thought we might have to patch her stronger one. That was great news!!

We hit up an antique place on the way home and found two lost treasures; a buffet we've been looking for and an odd piece that was a perfect media cabinet!

We grabbed some pizza on the way home and tried to have some restraint but Papa John's pizza is sooo good! Presley even ate four pieces!! Teagan found some of her leftover lunch in the car - that girl is resourceful! So she had few bites.

Then Willa and Dovie came over while their parentals went to a birthday dinner with friends. They got busy with dress up and brushing hair and finding the perfect shoes. They got hungry though before I was able to take a picture and so all the clothes came back off during a nutritious bowl of fruity pebbles, rightfully dubbed 'candy cereal' around these parts.

So bedtime for the girls got moved back. But because it was moved back, they didn't make a peep after kisses. That is nice, because usually they get up 101 times to tattle, pee, get a drink, sneak a toy, etc.

Tomorrow is Teagan's birthday! Can't believe she is FIVE!!

So even though it was a crazy busy day, for some reason, I don't want to forget a second of it. And if I don't write it down, tomorrow's crazy busy day will ensure I likely will.

P.s. Temple learned how to turn on the box fan today. AND she can climb up the step stool and pull up to the sink. She crawled and played so much today that the tops of her feet and knees were darn near black!! Good thing she loves a bath!!!

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