Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shaking it up a bit

One of the things keeping us busy lately is a home face lift.

Let me start from the beginning. This house was needing (begging) for some tlc. We thought for a while about just moving since we could use a little more space, a bigger back yard, and didn't want to put more into the house than what we could sell it for. But we like our neighborhood, our school, and the community here. Most of my family lives here and the logistics with moving with a kid in school blew our minds.

So we decided to just give this baby a little love and stay put. At least for now. My friend, Han has held my hand pretty much each step of the way. And it has helped sooooo much.

We ordered some new furniture. That in and of itself was exciting. Price and I have been fortunate to be fiven so many great hand me downs so we've never really bought furniture. So after nine years, it was time!! That jump started everything!

Then we had some recessed lighting added in the living and dining room. Lighting makes such a big difference! Some lights were moved over to flow and line up a little more symmetrically. (OCD much?) We had the walls retextured and painted, which is a very messy process! Especially with a crawling baby. We also added a faux fireplace! (I'm so excited about stockings this year!) They finished all that in the nick of time for the furniture to come.

Shout outs to Bella's House, Frisco Mercantile, and most importantly Han Tieu Schott Designs!

These are just some progress photos from my phone. We are still waiting on a couple of chairs, need to hang curtains, figure out what's gonna hide the tv, and hang some other stuff on the walls.

It's exciting and I'm trying to enjoy the process albeit dusty, slow, and terribly inconvenient.

And yes I'm nuts for getting white with three kids and a furry dog. But I love it! I'll try to post again once we add some finishing touches. (I'm more of a starter, not so much of a finisher, but really gonna try.)

Teagan is about to turn FIVE!


  1. Oh. My. Word. It looks so good! Love it. Where did you get all the new stuff from? What did you do with the old stuff?

  2. Taylor,
    I vote that you NEVER leave this house. It has so much character and is so charming. :)
    Just my 2 cents on the matter.