Monday, May 6, 2013


I just finished a good book.  Alison let me borrow it.  It was written by the blogger of Glennon Melton, called Carry On Warrior.  Anyway, it inspired me to get my lazy self back to blogging and just write. JUST WRITE!  Sounds easy, but....   I'm telling myself that I don't always have to have a picture to go with what I write of smiling kids, happy faces, exotic places.  It doesn't have to be eloquent.  I don't have to be funny.  I just have to write.  For myself.  For the girls to read one day.  For me to remember "those days" when life was so busy.  I don't want to forget and because I totally will.  I have!  I'm just going to write - about my day, the girls, my thoughts, parenting, whatever!

"I can do hard things."  That's one of her mantras from the book.  I really enjoyed it. 

I usually don't read.  I feel like I need to be "busier" than sitting and reading a book.  I started it while I got my nails done and was sitting anyway!  And then I didn't want to put it down.  It made me think - about myself as a mother, wife, Christian, etc.  Thinking is good.  I'm still thinking.... 

I think the older I get the more type A I become.  Not in the sense that I have to maintain a perfectly clean house.  (That's for DAMN sure!)  But in the sense that I need a goal to work towards.  I have a goal that I'm officially putting out there, that I've been working towards for a couple months.  I was scared to make it official at first, but now I'm not.  (I feel like that's also type A of me.)  Alison and I are running a half marathon.  It's my first (and probably last?) and her third.  We aren't trying to win the race, just be a part.  I'm enjoying the journey.  While running, my mind goes numb, and I don't have to think.  Except one foot in front of the other.  I like to think, but I also like to not think.  Makes perfect sense to me! 

It's also ME-time.  That part almost makes me want to sign up for a full marathon.  Except the 26.2 miles part.  That would suck. 

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