Thursday, May 9, 2013

Round and round we go

I love this picture of Price with his gals.

We went to the park to fish.  Yeah, we really aren't fishermen.  We had a pole and a net.  No bait.  But we gave it a whirl anyways.  We went to church that day to the church Price grew up in.  They just changed locations from Dallas to McKinney.  It's called Brookhaven Church and Brother Glenn is so great.  So polished.  Every message sinks in to your soul.  If you live in the area, go visit!  You'll be glad you did.  I don't live in the area and I've wanted to go back ever since! 

The message that day was ask God for great things.  Impossible things.  So when we pulled up with no bait, we prayed we'd catch a fish.  Price saw a little school of minnows and reached in and snagged a net full!  We had bait!  We thought it was so Divine.  Unfortunately, we didn't ever catch a big fish.  But I don't feel like our great prayer wasn't answered.  We did catch a fish.  Lots of little tiny fish!

Anyway, we ended up on the playground part.  I can't ride on things that go around and around.  Even carousals make me sick.  So Price took one for the team while I pushed them "really fast".  And then even "faster" when that wasn't quite fast enough according to the girls!  Whenever I feel really happy inside, I like to take a picture.  So I don't forget that happy moment.  (How did people used to capture all their happy moments without the trusty iPhone?)  Watching Price with the girls go around and around.  It made me happy.

I've gone back and looked at this picture several times since I took it.  I just love it.  Even though I can't see any of the girls faces, I know they are smiling just like their daddy.  They are enjoying one another, enjoying the moment, enjoying getting dizzy.  They are all connected to one another and holding on to one another and holding on for dear life.   

I love it too because it reminds me of that sermon to pray great things. 

It reminds me of eating lunch with Price's family after church that day and just being together, enjoying one another, enjoying the moment.   

It reminds me that I am just like the girls, when life is spinning really fast and I have no choice but to sit and grab hold of something stronger than me.  I reach for Price.  To steady me.  To make sure I don't fly off the dang thing.  He reaches for me too.  To steady me.  To steady himself.  I'm sure Price would say I still fly right off the coo-coo nest sometimes.  And I'll admit.  I let some things get the best of me.  Little things on the grand scheme of life.  And Price is always there to reel me back in.

It's that connection that makes life's ride happy.